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Delivering IoT Excellence

Premium Software and Hardware Development Services


From Idea To End Solution

Feasibility and Research Consulting

Our Team will help you build a complete product strategy including an agile product roadmap, user research studies, beach head market validation and a feasibility research report  to validate your IoT product ideas.

Hardware Design

We provide both off the shelf and custom hardware design services. Our deep experience in connected devices and pre-certified hardware designs allows us to get hardware to market in weeks, not months.

Full Stack Software Development

Whether it's building out your back end micro services or creating beautiful mobile apps and web dashboards, our team has you covered.

Deployment and Scaling

We will take care of certifications, sourcing manufacturers, logistics, resource scaling, and product life cycle management

Market Ready Solutions

With the help of our partners we have developed many reusable designs that are ready for plug and play for your specific application.

Product Management and Documentation

Our product managers will keep your project on task and help you with making those hard feature trade offs.

Our Experience


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Projects Completed


Vendor Partners



Your Trusted IoT Partners

Connected Tech is your trusted resource in the development, design, and deployment of complete IoT solutions. Whether it be a simple hardware design and prototype or a full system deployment we have the resources and partners that will simplify the process. Our clients are treated like family. We are not just another development shop. We are your long term  expert technology partner, supporting your project at any phase, whether it is a rapid prototype or providing support and maintenance at scale. 

Computer Repair


“The Connected Tech team are true subject matter experts”

Chris Engle

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